Toptal : How to find best work for Freelancers

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Since I started Octavian Interactive in 2013 I have worked on numerous projects. The projects consisted of working with small businesses to big startups. These projects would be a full custom website build, POS solution & eCommerce inventory sync, or just taking over from a previous developer to maintain the website. All of this is awesome and things I love to do! The only downfall is how I continually find enough work. I have always used my network & extended network to find most of my work. Then I was introduced to Toptal.

There are numerous freelance sites but these freelance sites are hard to get through. They generally have a lot of developers on there all bidding against each other. As a freelancer getting $20/hour for a project that should be $60/hour is not something we can handle. This is where Toptal comes in.

It’s the place where the best freelancers are – TopTal receives thousands of applications every month, but only about 3% of applicants get in. According to their website and various blog posts on the web, TopTal has developed a tough screening process to identify and accept the best engineers. Oh, and did I mention that the engineers who are accepted at TopTal work for clients such as Airbnb and ZenDesk?

Another awesome feature is the groups / communities they have. I being a web developer am very interested in their Web Developers Community. This will not only extend my network but will allow me to see what others are doing as well.

I am excited to see what Toptal can do for me and other freelancers alike. I highly suggest you go through the registration process to see where you stand!

Let me know your thoughts!