Toptal : How to find best work for Freelancers

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Since I started Octavian Interactive in 2013 I have worked on numerous projects. The projects consisted of working with small businesses to big startups. These projects would be a full custom website build, POS solution & eCommerce inventory sync, or just taking over from a previous developer to maintain the website. All of this is awesome and things I love …

Introducing Beagle : Better Proposal Writing

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Beagle is a tool that is used to let you import content to base your proposals from existing ones. Another great feature of Beagle is that has collaboration tools and allows you to send directly to your client! If proposals are something you do on a regular basis I highly suggest taking a look at Beagle. Plans are free …

This is Octavian Interactive

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Welcome to Octavian Interactive! We will be updating our blog with all of the hottest trends in Design & Development. Please feel free to comment and share our blog posts. Remember, knowledge is power! Let’s work together using the right practices to further progress the web!